Describing objects

Add these words to the right places below:
equilateral triangle
at the bottom
from the side
tinysquare- square
rectangle- rectangular- oblong
cube- _____________
circle- circular (= round)
semicircle- semicircular
ellipse- egg shaped- elliptical
sphere- spherical
hemisphere- hemispherical
irregular triangle-________________ – isosceles triangle- triangular
cone- conical
cylinder- cylindrical
spiral/ helix
_______________- hexagon-heptagon- dodecahedron

steel/ iron/ stainless steel/ corrugated iron/ copper/ alloy/ bronze/ silver/ _________/ titanium/ tin/ aluminium
wood- wooden/ pine
plastic/ polystyrene
paper/ card/ ____________
high- height
long- length
wide- width
broad- ___________
__________- depth
thick- thickness
radius/ diameter/ circumference

small- _____________- microscopic/ medium sized/ big- huge- gigantic- enormous

dot- ____________/ polka dot/ stripe- striped/ plain/ camouflaged

diagonal/ ______________/ horizontal

hollow/ solid

thick/ thin- wafer thin

fragile/ hard wearing

straight/ curved

flat/ bumpy/ irregular

at the top/ ______________/ in the middle
above- over/ below- under

linked/ separated/ detachable

mobile- portable/ hand held/ static- stationary- ____________

glow/ transparent/ luminous/ light-emitting/ translucent

rough/ smooth/ moist/ dry

upside down/ inside out/ back to front/ reversible

covered with- coated with/ lined with

designed to…/ used for…- used to…

from above- plan/ from below/ from the right/ from the left/ _______________/ cross section

looks like/ looks similar to/

bulky/ compact

flexible- bendy/ stiff- rigid

taut- tight/ loose

symmetrical/ unsymmetrical/ parallel

it functions as…

right angles

_______________- about/ exactly- precisely

lid- cover/ rim/ base

consists of- made up of- composed of….parts- sections- components

legs/ stand/ handle

motorized- _______________/ electric- electronic- battery powered

screwed together/ bolted together/ glued together/ nailed together

outside- outer part- outer section/ inside- inner part- inner section

it’s a kind of- sort of- type of

transformer/ cable/ antenna- aerial/ button/ switch

twist- _____________- turn

matching/ identical- variable

filled with- full of


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Describing objects

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  1. Lorcan Flynn says:

    These sheets are a big help. Thank you a lot. – Lorcan

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