There is there are and ordinal numbers spelling game

Lift Off 2 Units 3 and 13

Choose one of the words below, tell your partner how many letters the word has, and write one gap for each letter (e.g. “_ _ _ _ _” for a five-letter word). Then give other hints about how many of different letters are in the word and then where the letters go until your partner guesses what the word is. You get one point for each hint that your partner needs and one point for each incorrect guess at what the word is. Then switch roles and try to guess the word that your partner gives you hints about.

Suggested hints

There are two letters/ three letters/ … letters.

There is one A/ one B/ one …

There is a C/ a D/ a G/ a …

There is an E/ an F/ an H/ an …

There are two Cs/ four Ds/ … ….s.  


The first letter is …

The second letter is …

The third letter is …

The fourth letter is …

The …th letter is …

Suggested words to give hints about the spelling of and guess

  1. afternoon
  2. August
  3. bananas
  4. baseball
  5. basketball
  6. bicycle
  7. bottles
  8. breakfast
  9. bus stop
  10. cafeteria
  11. classroom
  12. coffee
  13. comics
  14. computer games
  15. cooking
  16. cupboard
  17. dancing
  18. December
  19. eggs
  20. evening
  21. February
  22. fishing
  23. good
  24. homework
  25. ill
  26. January
  27. Japanese
  28. library
  29. living room
  30. morning
  31. notebooks
  32. November
  33. October
  34. onion
  35. orange
  36. pencil cases
  37. pizza
  38. post office
  39. sandals
  40. September
  41. shoes
  42. small
  43. snakes
  44. soccer
  45. some fruit juice
  46. some soup
  47. strawberries
  48. summer
  49. sunglasses
  50. sunny
  51. sweater
  52. swimming pool
  53. teeth
  54. telephone
  55. television
  56. umbrellas

Do the same, but asking questions about the spelling of the words like “Are there any Bs?”, “Are there two As?”, “Is there one C?” and “Is the third letter F?”

Suggested questions

Are there any…?  

Is there one…?

Are there two As/ three Bs/ four Es/ … …s?

Is the first letter/ second letter/ third letter/ …th letter…?


PDF for easy saving and printing: there is are and ordinal numbers spelling game Lift Off 2 Units 3 and 13