Indirect questions games, worksheets and songs

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Teaching indirect questions article

How to teach indirect questions

Photocopiable indirect questions classroom activities

Indirect questions in IELTS Listening Part 1 (in this 200-page e-book) – NEW

Ask and analyse polite Q&A session questions (in this very cheap e-book)

Indirect questions extended speaking practice

Direct, indirect and taboo small talk questions

Indirect questions dice game

Meeting people and indirect checking/ clarifying questions practice

Direct and indirect questions simplest responses game (good as a warmer)

Recommendations and embedded questions

Direct, indirect and taboo Christmas questions

Indirect questions for BULATS Speaking (describing objects and using synonyms)

Dealing with enquiries First lesson (also great as a needs analysis/ GTKY/ review of polite indirect questions for any Business English class)

and more coming soon

Indirect questions songs 

Who Invented the Wheel by Blackberry Smoke (link to the lyrics)

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Updated 26 February 2023