Business hospitality First conditional discussion

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 11

Work together to make sentences by filling the gaps. If there are options, choose one.

If we take foreign guests to a Korean restaurant/ karaoke/ sumo/ a hostess bar/ an Irish-style pub/ an English-style pub/ football match, ____________


If _________________________________________________________, they will get bored/ drunk/ sunburnt

If we really want to impress a client, ________________________________

If we want to entertain a client without using much money,______________


If the guest is a vegetarian, _____________________________________

If different guests want to eat and drink different things, ________________


If the guest has never eaten Japanese food,_________________________


What language can you use in the restaurant in the last two situations?

Imagine your partner does know about or disagrees about some of the food and drink on the menu on page 69. Have a discussion about the things on the menu.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Business_hospitality_First_conditional

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