How was your weekend? Roleplays

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 13 Warmer

Ask your partner questions about their weekend


get up                                               eat out                                tidy up

play                                                  meet up with                        go out with

hang out with                                     read                                    church/ temple/ mosque/ shrine

overtime                              study/ homework   breakfast/ lunch/ dinner

relax                                                 busy                                   have a drink

karaoke                                             go clubbing                          travel

money                                              part time job                        cook

housework (= household chores, e.g. cleaning, washing, washing up)

do the shopping                                 go shopping                         exercise

Choose one of the roles below and answer similar questions about your weekend until your partner guesses which person you are:

a ghostbuster

a new graduate

a seven year old

a tobacco farmer

a slave in 19th century America

someone who works in a burger restaurant

someone who had their 18th birthday party at the weekend

someone hiking in Alaska on his own

someone hiking in the mountains of Southern Spain

a receptionist in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, UK

a construction worker in Shenzhen, China

someone who flew from Britain to New York

a mother whose children have just left home

an architect

an ambulance driver

a miner

a lawyer

a decorator

a vet

a plumber

a student in a British language school staying with a host family

an Italian studying languages at university

a postwoman

an ancient Greek

an ancient Egyptian

an American teenager

a homeless man who sells Big Issue on the streets of London

Discuss the probable life of the last person on the list.


How do you think that person’s might answer these questions:

a)       How many copies do you sell a day?

b)       How long have you been selling Big Issue?

c)       Have you made any friends?

d)       How many copies have you sold today?

e)       How long have you been sleeping on the streets?

f)         Why did you come to London?

Read the text on page 102 and check his real answers. What are the differences between his real answers and your ideas?


PDF for easy saving and printing: How was your weekend roleplays

Discussing your week and weekend page

Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 13 page

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