Comparatives and superlatives plus adverb Speaking

New Cutting Edge Module 3

Part One

Make true sentences about your classmates in other groups, then ask them questions to check if your sentences are true

___________________ by far the __________________

__________ slightly more______/ slightly ___________ er

________________ is the second _______________est/ the second most _________________

Part Two

Try to make statements that your partners both/ all agree with

____________ is by far the best _________________

________________ is the ___________est/ the most _______________, but not by much

________________ is slightly better than _____________

________________ is much worse than _____________

__________ is quite a lot ___________ than _________

My country is by far the ____________ est/ the most ______________ in the world

Part Three- Discussion questions

How different are the capital city and second city of your country? Should the government try to change that?

Is your country unique or exceptional in any way?

What are the best and worst things about your country?


PDF for easy printing: ComparativeAdverbDiscussion

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