Common Business English verbs (Present Simple/ Continuous)

Try to find things you do more often than your partner, e.g. “How often do you use a calculator?”

Continue with the verbs below:
Sign     Copy   Type
Calculate    Count   Measure
Think     Check   Refuse
Reject     Decrease/ drop/ fall Increase
Distribute    Draw   Present
Show     Exchange  Join
File     Staple
Succeed     Shorten
Lengthen/ extend   Separate
Sack/ fire/ dismiss   Grow
Promise     Agree
Pay     Receive
Bring     Offer
Estimate    Merge
Choose     Call
Fax     Build
Break     Send
Search/ look for    Click
Drag     Recycle
Reorganize/ tidy up   Follow
Attach     Enclose
Apologize    Meet
Aim for

Mime one of the verbs above and see if your partner can guess which one it is

Do the same, but with full sentences, e.g. “Exchanging business cards” (choose any nouns you like)

What tense do we usually use to describe mimes? What tense did you use to ask “how often” questions at the start of the worksheet? Why do we use different tenses?


PDF version for easy printing: BusinessVerbs

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