Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

New Cutting Edge Elementary Module 9 

Try to decide on the things below in your group. You can start with the easiest ones if you like. You should concentrate on places in or near this town/ city.

– The best daytrip from this town/ city

– The best drive

– The best green space

– The best modern architecture

– The best museum

– The best place for a jog

– The best place for business entertaining

– The best place for older tourists

– The best place to buy souvenirs

– The best place to take photos

– The best religious building

– The best shopping area

– The best shopping centre

– The best souvenir

– The best thing for teenagers

– The best thing to do in the evening

– The best thing to do with small kids

– The best time to visit

– The best traditional food for foreign tourists

– The best train journey

– The best view

– The best walk

– The best weekend trip away from this town/ city

– The healthiest traditional food

– The most beautiful place

– The most exciting place

– The most historic place

– The most peaceful

– The most relaxing

– The most romantic place

– The most unique experience

Listen to another group’s suggestion for one of the things above and try to say one way in which something else is actually better, e.g. “A maneki neko is the best souvenir” “Maybe, but kogeshi dolls are more traditional”.


PDF version for easy printing: Recommendations comparatives superlatives challenge

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