Your weekend and life predictions and probability

Natural English Intermediate Unit 11

Make predictions about the things below happening during your partner’s weekend and see whether they agree with your how likely that thing is to happen






Meet an old friend in the street

Spend more than 500 dollars


Get drunk


Lose something

Get caught in a traffic jam

Watch lots of TV

A phone call out of the blue (= An unexpected phone call, e.g. from an ex)

Get a cold

Have a lie in

An argument

A gift (= A present)


Change of image

Something horrendous

Something fantastic

Watch a film

Watch a soap opera



Take a plane

War break out


Commit a crime

Work overtime

Borrow or lend money

Take a risk

Look after someone

Fill in a form

Meet a colleague

Something you are looking forward to

Waste time

Make a telephone enquiry

Pay a deposit

Money being tight

Something annoying

Make new friends

Have a quiet weekend

Continue with your own ideas

Useful language

Will definitely

Will almost certainly

Will probably

Might/ May


Almost certainly won’t


Definitely won’t

Do the same with the rest of your partner’s life

Possible ideas

Take a year off

Get another qualification

Take an exam

Become managing director of a company (= Be boss of…)

Go freelance

Live abroad (= Live overseas)

Change accommodation (= Move)

Have regrets

Give up your job

Set up your own business

Look after aging parents

Get married/ divorced

Take a cruise

Change your occupation

Your company closing down

Change who is the breadwinner in your family


Work in a family business

Study intensively

Travel round the world

Write a book

Be wealthy

Do a job that you aren’t really into


Get a film part

Retire in your mid fifties

Have a quiet life

Join the Navy

Become a Member of Parliament

Give up your ambition

Be sent to prison (for a crime you didn’t commit)

Become a household name


PDF for easy saving and printing: WeekendModalsPossibility

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