Politeness Competition game (requests/ indirect language)

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 3

Politeness competition- Negotiations/ Requests/ Complaints/ Problems
With your partner(s), take turns trying to say the following things as politely as possible. You can repeat what your partner says as long as you add something to make it more polite. You can try as many times as you like. The person with the most polite final version gets 1 point. (Hint: Longer sentences are often politer)

Give me that pen

I want a cup of tea

Sit down

That’s impossible

That’s too expensive

That’s completely wrong

We are losing lots of money

We need to sack lots of people

The factory is too small

Our competitors are much stronger than us

Profits are falling

Costs are far too high

Nobody knows about our products

Our products are old fashioned

Sales growth has slowed

The staff are depressed
Check the case study (Market Leader Pre-Int Old Edition Unit 3) for any of the problems above. Tell your partner what the problems are as politely as you can.


PDF for easy saving and printing: PolitenessGame

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