Slang 2!

1. “The blower” is                         a) a hairdryer

                                                        b) a small motorbike

                                                        c) a telephone

2. A “syrup” is                  a) a syrup fig- a wig

                                                        b) a syrup sandwich- damage

                                                        c) a syrup pie- a lie

3. A tenner is                   a) a 10 year old


                                          c) two fists

4. To give someone the finger is to           a) point

                                                                                    b) poke

                                                                                    c) make an obscene gesture

5. A fib is            a) a lie

                            b) a fat idiotic bastard

                            c) a fibrulator

6. If something is the dog’s bollocks it’s   a) part of a pair

                                                                                                  b) the best

                                                                                                  c) the worst

7. To pull a moonie is to                            a) join a cult

                                                                      b) have sex outside at night

                                                                      c) show your bum

8. A gob is                       a) a good old Brit

                                          b) a mouth

                                          c) a disgusting place to live

9. A butty is                      a) someone who stutters

                                          b) a sandwich

                                          c) a fridge

10. A dosser is  a) a director of studies

                                          b) a prostitute

c) someone who does nothing

11. Pissed means           a) extremely annoyed

                                          b) extremely wet from the rain

                                          c) drunk

12. The most commonly used expression for the toilet in British English is:

                                          a) the loo

                                          b) the bathroom

                                          c) the john

13. The pigs are              a) the police

                                          b) teachers

                                          c) politicians

14. ‘Cuppa’  is              a) the F.A cup

`                                         b) the World Cup

                                          c) a cup of tea

15. ‘Coppers’ is              a) small change

                                          b) police men

                                          c) corrupt politicians

16. To be ‘banged up’ is to be    a) hit

                                                                      b) put into prison

                                                                      c) shot

17. Knackered means    a) extremely tired

                                                        b) broken down

                                                        c) demolished

18. A ‘s.o.b.’ is                             a) a sad old bastard

                                                        b) a son of a bitch

                                                        c) still off the beer


PDF version for easy printing: Slang2

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