Business Second conditional sentence completion guessing game

Business Result Unit 14

Fill in at least half of the sentences below with true information.

If I had my boss’s job, ________________________________________

If there were fewer meetings, _____________________________________

If I could work from home, __________________________________________

If I could retire today, ______________________________________________

If the retirement age was 78, _______________________________________

If our office contained a gym, ________________________________________

If there were fewer managers, _______________________________________

If I could take a career break, _______________________________________

It this company was more diverse, ____________________________________

If 50% of the employees/ managers were women, _______________________

If the company gave us shares instead of a bonus, ______________________

If we did more corporate entertaining, _______________________________

If our entertainment budget was bigger, _______________________________

If my company took more risks, ____________________________________

If I could work more flexible hours, ________________________________

If I was self-employed, __________________________________

Choose one of the sentences above and read out just the part you have written. Can your partner guess which sentence you wrote that in?

Do the same with the sentences below

_____________________________________________, I would be happier.

______________________________________, I would be more productive.

_____________________________________________, I would be healthier.

_______________________________________, my boss would be happier.

_______________________________________, I’d set up my own business.

_____________________________________________, I’d quit my job.

_____________________________________, the stockmarket would go up.

__________________________________, shares in my company would go up.

________________________________________________, sales would go up.

________________________________, my company would be more diverse.

_______________________________, my carbon footprint would be smaller.

______________________, my company’s carbon footprint would be smaller.

__________________________________, this city would be more attractive.

_____________________________, my company would have a better image.

____________________________, my company’s market share would go up.

________________________________________, I would get a promotion.

___________________________________, I would happily relocate there.

_________________________________, I would reluctantly relocate there.


PDF version for easy printing: Business Second conditional sentence completion game

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4 Responses to Business Second conditional sentence completion guessing game

  1. Teresa Cripps says:

    I love this exercise, but it has 4 mistakes: you’ve used “was” instead of “were” (subjunctive)

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks for the feedback, but I’m afraid you are wrong. No decent modern grammar book defines “If I was…” as a mistake.

  3. Derek says:

    I’m afraid Teresa isn’t wrong. Although It’s not grammatically incorrect to use ‘If I was …’, it is however, more conventional to use ‘if I were …’ in conditionals.

  4. alexcase says:

    So, she is wrong, because she said there were mistakes and there are none. However, when you are all adapting the worksheet for your own classes (as I hope no one would ever just print out a worksheet and use it as is), you could of course change some (as I would) or all to “If I were…”

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