New Headway Pre-Int Unit 11 to 14 Revision Presentations Rotating Board game

Listen to your partner and let them speak for up to 3 minutes. Give them a score by taking away the amount of silence from how long they talked, and they can then move on this many squares:

30 seconds = 1 square, 1 minute = 2 squares etc. up to 3 minutes = 6 squares


Something strange that happened to you or someone you know  An exam you took  An important event in your life  A sad story  STARTGive a farewell speech to your partner 
Things you might do  A time you said goodbye to someone
 What you would do if you could do anything The first time you met someone who is important in your life
 Rules in your primary school How people greet each other in different countries
Where your possessions were made A time when you or someone you know stopped talking to someone else
Things made in your hometown or country A love story
Coca Cola and/ or other fizzy drinks  An answer phone message
 Hamburgers  What you’ve been doing recently
 Cotton  An unusual job of you or someone you know
 Sugar  How you are feeling and why
 Slavery Homeless people in your country and other countries
 Tobacco Politeness in your country and other countries
Chewing gum What you would do if you were very rich Your plans and ambitions A ghost story Why you (don’t) believe in ghosts


PDF for easy saving and printing: HeadwayPreRevisionGame

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