Was were time guessing warmer cooler game

Past Simple of be/ Past Continuous/ Times and dates 

Tell your partner if you are going to talk about a past year, a date earlier this year or a earlier time today but don’t tell them what time you are thinking of. Give hints like those below until your partner guesses the year, date or time that you are talking about. Every time that they guess, tell them how wrong they are with a hint like “No, it was much earlier” and “No, it was a little later” and give them another hint about things happening at that time. Continue until they guess exactly the right year, day or time, then switch roles and do the same.

Suggested hints about the time 


Nearly but

Close but

it was much

quite a lot

a little

a tiny bit





My father

My mother

My big sister

My little sister

My big brother

My friend

My grandpa

My nan

My aunt

My uncle

My cousin

My daughter

My son

My pet

My dog

My cat

My hamster

… and…


You and I

was(n’t)/ were(n’t) Years in New York/ Seoul/ Tohoku.

years old.

in kindergarten/ nursery school.

in the first/ second/ third/ fourth/ fifth year of school.



Dates this year on holiday/ on vacation/ on the beach.

in hospital/ the post office.


having a party.

skiing/ snowboarding.

happy/ cold/ hot/ ill (= sick).

Times asleep/ sleeping.

tired/ hungry/ thirsty/ sad/ hot/ cold/ sleepy.

in the bathroom/ bedroom/ toilet/ living room/ garden/ dining room/ kitchen/ toilet

at home – at school.

in a restaurant/ café/ bookshop/ tent/ hotel/ convenience store/ department store/ sports shop.

in the park/ gym/ post office/ cinema.

on the bus/ train.

on the balcony.

inside/ outside.


buying…/ shopping.

coming home

doing homework/ studying (…)

drinking…/ eating…


getting up – going to bed.

going home.

going to school/ work.

going to the supermarket.

having a bath/ having a shower.

having breakfast/ lunch/ dinner.

listening to…

lying down.




sitting down – standing up.





PDF version for easy saving and printing: was were warmer cooler time guessing game

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