Dependant prepositions Jigsaw text

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 2

 I knew that there were a lot of things I would have to get used
 on talking about the weather all the time. Nor did they approve
 about the reserved British character. I’d heard that they objected
 to the family for the few weeks I was there.
 to when I decided to go to England and stay with a family. But I was looking forward
 in making me feel at home, and I felt as if I belonged
 of, and we never had English breakfast or tea at five. But they succeeded
 of the charming English country cottage I would be staying in. I was a bit worried
 of hugging or kissing, apparently. So imagine my surprise when my English family welcomed me with a big hug and then asked me
 to talking about anything personal but insisted
 about my family, my work, and even my boyfriend. They didn’t live in the country cottage I’d dreamt
 to having egg and bacon for breakfast and tea at five o’clock. I was also dreaming


PDF version for easy printing: DependantPrepositionsJigsaw


One Response to Dependant prepositions Jigsaw text

  1. alba says:

    i think this is a very clever little exercise! Thx bunches!

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