Dependent prepositions Jigsaw text

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 2

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one and shuffle up one pack of cards per group of two to four students. Ask them to put the text into order by the logic of the story and/ or the collocations, then give them a un-cut-up copy of the text to check their answers with. Perhaps after doing the exercise below, they can then test each other on the same words by:

Reading out a word and preposition and seeing if their partner can complete the sentence in some way

Reading out a word and seeing if their partner can remember the dependent preposition

Reading out a preposition and seeing if their partner can put a suitable collocation before it

They could then make up similar texts where each transition is a dependent preposition to test other groups with.  

Dependent prepositions exercise

Without looking below, try to write the correct preposition after each word below:

get used

look forward





ask someone




Use the mixed answers below to help with task above. Some words can be used more than once.


about/ of






Cards to cut up/ Suggested answers


I knew that there were a lot of things I would have to get used




to when I decided to go to England and stay with a family. But I was looking forward



to having egg and bacon for breakfast and tea at five o’clock. I was also dreaming



of the charming English country cottage I would be staying in. I was a bit worried



about the reserved British character. I’d heard that they objected




to talking about anything personal but insisted




on talking about the weather all the time. Nor did they approve




of hugging or kissing, apparently. So imagine my surprise when my English family welcomed me with a big hug and then asked me



about my family, my work, and even my boyfriend. They didn’t live in the country cottage I’d dreamt



of, and we never had English breakfast or tea at five. But they succeeded




in making me feel at home, and I felt as if I belonged




to the family for the few weeks I was there.




Blank for making your own dependent preposition jigsaws with


















































PDF for easy saving and printing: Dependent prepositions jigsaw Inside Out UI U2

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1 Response to Dependent prepositions Jigsaw text

  1. alba says:

    i think this is a very clever little exercise! Thx bunches!

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