Problems with some and any speaking practice

Have and there are with some and any

Market Leader Elementary Unit 3

Make sentences describing problems with “some” or “not any”, ask for your partner’s advice, and then react to their advice, making exchanges like:

A: “We don’t have any more laptop computers”

B: “I suggest moving/ I think you should move one of the desktop computers into the meeting room”

A: “That might work/ That’s a good idea. I’ll give it a try.”/ “That might be a bit time consuming. Do you have any other ideas?” 

Make sure that you choose the right one of “some” and “not any” to make the thing that you choose a problem.

Suggested topics/ nouns

  • argument
  • available manager
  • background noise while you are on the phone
  • ballpoint pen
  • big complaint
  • boring presenter
  • cheap hotel near to (= close to) the conference centre
  • clean cup
  • cockroach
  • confusing page on your company’s website
  • dangerous corner
  • dark desk
  • dirty mug in the office sink
  • double-booked meeting room
  • drink in the vending machine
  • early morning flight to where you need to go next week
  • early morning meeting next week
  • employee available to attend a trade fair
  • English lesson
  • English textbook
  • free chair
  • free desk
  • free room
  • high shelf
  • hot pipe in the kitchen
  • ice cube
  • idea
  • inflexible manager
  • interruption during meetings
  • laptop computer
  • lighter
  • manual
  • meeting that you must go to at 9 o’clock tomorrow
  • message for your boss, who won’t be back until Friday
  • message on your answering machine which you need to answer as soon as possible
  • messy (= untidy) co-worker
  • missing item when your order is delivered
  • mistake with invoices
  • mobile phone charger
  • money to…
  • mosquito
  • native speaker
  • noise on the phone line
  • noisy colleague
  • old carton of milk in the office fridge (= refrigerator)
  • old manager
  • pack of photocopy paper
  • person called John Smith in your company
  • person calling while your co-worker is out of the office
  • person off sick
  • person on another line
  • person to answer the phone
  • person to translate from Italian
  • person with experience
  • phone call during meetings
  • phone ringing while your colleague is away from their desk
  • photocopy toner cartridge
  • Post-it note
  • question about the email that you have just received
  • receptionist
  • risky investment
  • roll of toilet paper
  • secure USB stick
  • slow computer
  • Spanish-speaking person phoning
  • stressful meeting on Monday morning
  • supply of…
  • taxi outside the building
  • teabag
  • time to…
  • tricky address to dictate
  • unreliable computer in the office
  • vacuum cleaner
  • very important visitor
  • volunteer

What phrases can you use to ask for advice, give advice and comment on people’s advice?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Problems with some and any speaking practice

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