Definitions of Success

Market Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition Unit 4

Working together with your partner, choose the best definition of a successful negotiation below or make up your own sentence

A successful negotiation is one in which both sides win/ you leave without having moved from your starting position/ you build a long term relationship/ both sides compromise the same amount/ you reach any kind of agreement/ ________(your own idea)

Work together to write the best definition of each of the things below, and then decide with the whole class who has come up with the best

A successful manager is one who__________________
A successful brand is one which ______________
A successful business is one which ____________

Compare your ideas as a class on what a successful business does.

You are going to listen to one person boasting about what a success their company has become. What other things do you think they will mention as proof of this?

Listen the first time for any factors of their success that you hadn’t thought of.

Listen again and answer the questions in the book.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: ML UI U4 definitions of success

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