Verb patterns discussion questions

Ask and answer questions from below, skipping any which you don’t understand for now.  

Work and studies

Is there anything you can’t stand doing in your work or studies?

Do you enjoy learning English?

Have you finished reading all the emails in your in-box?

What level of English do you hope to have in five years’ time?

Do you mind people correcting your pronunciation?

Have you ever offered to help a stranger in the street?

Do you approve of using automatic translation?

Do you plan to any English language exams?

How much time do you spend learning English?

Do you usually manage to communicate okay when you travel in other countries?

Have you ever failed to communicate with someone and given up speaking to them?

Could you afford to study English abroad for a couple of weeks?

Are you looking forward to retiring?

Free time

Is there anything you avoid doing on holiday?

What do you like doing in your free time?/ What do you like to do in your free time?

Is there anything you’d like to do this weekend?

Other topics

Do you expect to move house in the future?

Is there anything that you sometimes forget to do in the morning?

What do you want to do in the future?

Are you thinking about travelling overseas?

Have you ever considered living abroad?

Would you prefer to live somewhere hotter or somewhere cooler?

Ask about any questions above which you don’t understand, answering them each time.


Brainstorming stage

First without looking above, write suitable verbs in the columns below. Many verbs not above are also possible.


+ v with –ing + to + v










































Mixed answers

Use the list of verbs below to help with the task above.

can’t stand






approve of


spend time



give up


look forward to


would like




think about


would prefer

Check these ones with the discussion questions on the first page, then brainstorm more (with similar meaning, with opposite meanings, etc). Some verbs can go in both columns (sometimes with different meanings).

Compare your additional answers as a class.

Make other discussion questions from the words in the table above.


PDF for easy saving and printing: verb-patterns discussion questions

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