Social science sharing personal experiences practice Longer version

Choose one of the topics below and tell your partner about your true or made up personal experiences of that thing, speaking generally and/ or about one specific case. After maybe asking for details, they will try to guess if your story is:

– Completely made up

– Completely true

– A mix of made up and true details

If it is the final one above, they can also try to guess which details were true and which were made up.

1. (High) culture

2. Addictions

3. An ageing population

4. Animal control problems

5. Body image problems

6. Bullying

7. Bureaucracy

8. Changes in exchange rates

9. Charities/ NGOs

10. Companies after being merged or taken over by another company

11. Conformity

12. Conglomerates

13. Consequences of free trade

14. Consequences of government economic policies

15. Consequences of terrorism

16. Corruption

17. Cost cutting/ Cutting expenditure

18. Counter cultures

19. Crime

20. Data protection

21. Debt

22. Deflation/ Inflation

23. Deindustrialisation

24. Deregulation

25. Developing countries/ Newly-industrialised countries

26. Discounting

27. E-commerce

28. Economic bubbles

29. Economies of scale

30. Electronic payment

31. G8 countries

32. Gender differences

33. Globalisation

34. Green products

35. Health scares

36. Immigration

37. Inadequate infrastructure

38. Industrial action

39. Inequality

40. Moore’s Law

41. Multiculturalism

42. Multinational companies

43. Pension problems

44. Personal investments

45. Personal taxes

46. Political extremism

47. Poverty

48. Prejudice/ Discrimination

49. Privatised companies

50. Problems caused by alcohol

51. Protests and other activism

52. Recessions

53. Religious beliefs/ Superstitions

54. Single member households

55. Social class

56. Social isolation

57. Social mobility (or a lack of)

58. Staff turnover

59. Stress-related illnesses

60. Strong currencies/ Weak currencies

61. Subsidies

62. Tax avoidance

63. Tax rises

64. Trade barriers

65. Undercutting prices

66. Unemployment/ Underemployment

67. Vandalism

68. Welfare benefits


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Social science sharing personal experiences longer version

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