Restaurant language games/ worksheets

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Updated 15 June 2022

Teaching restaurant language articles

How to teach restaurant language – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable restaurant language classroom activities

Positive and negative responses in restaurants games (including a coin game and a dice game)

Fast food restaurants vocabulary roleplays (with food Janglish presentation)

Guest or host in restaurants simplest responses game, key words and card games

Language for hosts and guests in restaurants – older and simpler version of the worksheet above

Much/ many and restaurant roleplays

Much/ many and restaurant roleplays version 2

Like and would like roleplay dialogue on food

Entertaining a foreign guest (including explaining Japanese food)

Explaining Japanese food and drink – good as preparation to entertain foreign guests

Being positive and negative about food from other countries (likes and dislikes, describing food, and country and nationality words)

Explaining food vocabulary defining relative clauses practice (some specific to Japanese and other Asian food, but easily adaptable)

Explaining Japanese things comparing and contrasting practice (mainly food and drink)

British food speculating game

Positive and negative words about food and dining

Cooking and eating verbs mimes

Food vocabulary brainstorming game

Food descriptions worksheet

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