Health problems mimes

Chit Chat 2 Unit 3

I’ve got a terrible headache I’m really fat I’m too thin I’ve got a cold
I’ve got H1N1 (= swine flu) I’ve got backache I’ve lost my voice I’ve got a sore throat
I’ve twisted my ankle I’m sneezing all the time I’m coughing all the time I’ve broken my arm
I’ve broken my leg I’ve broken my fingers I’ve broken my toe I’m burping all the time
I’ve got terrible wind My teeth are yellow I haven’t got any muscles I’m always tired
I’ve got stomach ache I’ve got earache I’ve got a black eye My feet are really cold
I’ve got a broken nose I’ve got a nose bleed I’m bald (= I haven’t got any hair) I burnt my thumb
My eyes are red My forehead is hot My feet are smelly My armpits are smelly
My tongue is green I can’t see I’m sweating a lot My nose is running
I can’t walk My legs are really hairy My eyebrows are really big My fingernail is black
I’ve got crossed eyes My hair is falling out I’ve got lots of spots I always snore (= I make noises when I sleep)


PDF version for easy printing: HealthProblemsMimes

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