Making CPE Use of English activities on phrasal verbs games

with verbs from Cambridge Proficiency Practice Exams 1 and 2

Making Use of English Part One multiple-choice cloze questions

Work in at least two groups. Choose a verb and four particles (if there are more than four on that line), e.g. work + at, in, on and with. Write a sentence with that verb and with a gap that can only be filled by one of the four particles (preposition or adverb) to test another group with. Or if it is easier, write a sentence for one of the phrasal verbs with the particle missing and then choose three wrong options from the same line. You can’t use a dictionary at this stage, but you don’t have to know all four multiword verbs, as long as you are sure that only one fits the gap. You will get one point for each question that other groups get wrong, as long as they agree that the other answers aren’t possible, so try to make as many correct questions as possible. You can change the tense of the verb if you want to. You can work separately if you like, but make sure you double-check that your partners’ sentences can only be used by the one word which they have chosen as the correct answer.

Use a dictionary for exactly five minutes to check your questions and/ or write more questions.

Test another group or groups with your questions, giving them or reading out the gapped sentence and the four options each time.

Look at all the pages and ask about any phrasal verbs which you don’t understand or don’t understand the difference between.

Change pages with another group and do the same with four different verbs with the same particle, e.g. four verbs with “along”. Write a phrase where only one of the four verbs fits.

Look at all three pages and do the same with four completely different phrasal verbs (different verbs and different particles) that might be confused.

Making Use of English Part Two open cloze questions

Do something similar for Use of English Part Two open cloze, writing a question where only one verb or only one particle is possible in the gap. Your teacher will tell which of those two you should do or if you can mix them up.

Making more realistic exam questions

Look at all the options from a real exam Use of English Part One task or all the answers from a Use of English Part Two task and write suitable questions where other answers aren’t possible to test another group with.


 Group A

  1. act as/ act in/ act on/ act up
  2. back away/ back down/ back out/ back up
  3. bear down on/ bear forward/ bear out/ bear up/ bear with
  4. blow away/ blow apart/ blow down/ blow off/ blow over/ blow up
  5. boot around/ boot back/ boot out/ boot over/ boot up
  6. bounce around/ bounce back/ bounce between/ bounce off
  7. break apart/ break away/ break down/ break into/ break off/ break out/ break through/ break up
  8. bring about/ bring back/ bring forward/ bring in/ bring off/ bring on/ bring up
  9. burn away/ burn down/ burn out/ burn up
  10. buy back/ buy into/ buy off/ buy out/ buy up
  11. call ahead/ call back/ call for/ call off/ call in/ call on/ call out/ call up
  12. carry around/ carry away/ carry forward/ carry off/ carry on/ carry out
  13. catch in/ catch on/ catch out/ catch up
  14. check back/ check in/ check off/ check out/ check up
  15. chop away/ chop back/ chop down/ chop off/ chop up
  16. climb back/ climb down/ climb on/ climb over/ climb up
  17. come about/ come along/ come apart/ come around/ come back to/ come between/ come forward/ come from/ come off/ come on/ come over/ come to/ come up
  18. count down/ count for/ count on/ count up
  19. crack down/ crack on/ crack out/ crack under/ crack up
  20. creep about/ creep around/ creep back/ creep into/ creep off/ creep up
  21. cut around/ cut back/ cut down/ cut into/ cut off/ cut out/ cut up
  22. die from/ die like/ die of/ die off/ die out
  23. dig about/ dig around/ dig away/ dig between/ dig in/ dig into/ dig out/ dig up
  24. divide between/ divide by/ divide from/ divide into/ divide off/ divide up
  25. double back/ double down/ double under/ double up
  26. draw ahead/ draw apart/ draw down/ draw in/ draw off/ draw on/ draw out/ draw up
  27. drive ahead/ drive apart/ drive around/ drive away/ drive back/ drive between/ drive down/ drive from/ drive in/ drive off/ drive on/ drive out/ drive over/ drive up
  28. drop away/ drop back/ drop between/ drop in/ drop off/ drop out
  29. eat between/ eat in/ eat out/ eat up
  30. face away/ face down/ face off to/ face up to
  31. fade away/ fade in/ fade into/ fade out
  32. fall about/ fall apart/ fall back/ fall back on/ fall between/ fall for/ fall in with/ fall into/ fall off/ fall out/ fall over
  33. feel around/ feel like/ feel under/ feel up
  34. fight about/ fight back/ fight for/ fight over/ fight with
  35. fill in/ fill out/ fill up/ fill with


Group B

  1. fit around/ fit behind/ fit between/ fit in/ fit like/ fit out/ fit together/ fit with
  2. follow around/ follow back/ follow on/ follow up
  3. get across/ get ahead/ get along/ get around/ get around to/ get away/ get away with/ get back/ get by/ get into/ get off/ get on/ get over/ get through/ get to
  4. give away/ give back/ give in/ give off/ give out/ give up
  5. go ahead/ go away/ go back on/ go back through/ go behind/ go for/ go forward/ go off/ go on/ go out/ go over/ go under/ go without
  6. grind away/ grind down/ grind on/ grind out/ grind up
  7. grow apart/ grow back/ grow from/ grow in/ grow into/ grow out of/ grow over/ grow up
  8. hand back/ hand down/ hand in/ hand on/ hand out/ hand over
  9. hang about/ hang around/ hang back/ hang down/ hang in/ hang on
  10. hear back/ hear from/ hear out
  11. hit back/ hit off/ hit on/ hit upon
  12. hold apart/ hold back/ hold down/ hold forth/ hold in/ hold off/ hold on/ hold out/ hold out for/ hold up
  13. keep ahead/ keep apart/ keep away/ keep down/ keep in/ keep on/ keep up with
  14. land back/ land in/ land up/ land up with
  15. laugh about/ laugh at/ laugh away/ laugh behind/ laugh down/ laugh off/ laugh out
  16. lead away from/ lead back/ lead by/ lead down/ lead to/ lead with
  17. lean away/ lean forward/ lean in/ lean on/ lean towards
  18. leave around/ leave behind/ leave in/ leave off/ leave on/ leave out/ leave to/ leave without
  19. live apart/ live down/ live out/ live under/ live up to/ live with
  20. look after/ look ahead/ look around/ look away/ look back/ look down on/ look for/ look forward/ look in on/ look into/ look on/ look out for/ look over/ look to/ look up to
  21. make back/ make into/ make out/ make over/ make up for/ make up with/ make with
  22. mark down/ mark out/ mark up/ mark with
  23. mess about/ mess around/ mess up/ mess with
  24. move about/ move ahead/ move around/ move in/ move off/ move out/ move over
  25. open into/ open out/ open up/ open up to/ open with
  26. pack around/ pack down/ pack into/ pack out/ pack up/ pack with
  27. pass around/ pass away/ pass back/ pass by/ pass down/ pass on/ pass out/ pass over/ pass up
  28. pay back/ pay in/ pay off/ pay out/ pay up
  29. pick apart/ pick between/ pick off/ pick out/ pick over/ pick up/ pick up on
  30. play back/ play down/ play for/ play in/ play on/ play up
  31. pull ahead/ pull apart/ pull away/ pull back/ pull back/ pull in/ pull out/ pull over/ pull up
  32. push about/ push around/ push away/ push back/ push down/ push on
  33. put across/ put away/ put back/ put down/ put forward/ put in/ put off/ put on/ put together/ put up/ put up with
  34. reach across/ reach for/ reach into/ reach up
  35. read about/ read ahead/ read along/ read back/ read into/ read on/ read out/ read over/ read up on


Group C/ Teacher

  1. report back/ report from/ report on/ report to
  2. roll back/ roll down/ roll out/ roll over/ roll up
  3. run after/ run ahead/ run around/ run away/ run behind/ run down/ run on/ run out/ run over/ run up
  4. rush about/ rush ahead/ rush back/ rush forward/ rush in/ rush off/ rush out/ rush over
  5. see about/ see ahead/ see behind/ see into/ see off/ see out/ see through
  6. sell back/ sell off/ sell on/ sell out/ sell up
  7. send ahead/ send away/ send away for/ send back/ send in/ send off/ send on/ send out/ send over/ send up
  8. set back/ set off/ set out/ set to/ set up
  9. settle back/ settle down/ settle in/ settle on/ settle up
  10. show around/ show into/ show off/ show up
  11. shut away/ shut down/ shut in/ shut off/ shut out/ shut up
  12. sign away/ sign in/ sign off/ sign on/ sign out/ sign over/ sign up/ sign with
  13. sink back/ sink between/ sink down/ sink in/ sink under/ sink without
  14. sit back/ sit down/ sit through/ sit out/ sit up
  15. sleep around/ sleep in/ sleep off/ sleep on/ sleep over/ sleep through/ sleep with
  16. slip around/ slip away/ slip behind/ slip between/ slip by/ slip down/ slip from/ slip in/ slip off/ slip on/ slip out/ slip over/ slip under/ slip up
  17. soak away/ soak off/ soak in/ soak up
  18. split apart/ split between/ split from/ split into/ split off/ split up
  19. stand apart/ stand around/ stand as/ stand back/ stand down/ stand for/ stand in/ stand out/ stand up for/ stand up to/ stand with
  20. start back/ start off/ start out/ start up/ start with
  21. stay ahead/ stay away/ stay back/ stay on/ stay over/ stay up/ stay with
  22. step away/ step back/ step between/ step around/ step down/ step forward/ step up
  23. stick in/ stick out/ stick to/ stick up for/ stick with
  24. strike back/ strike off/ strike out/ strike up
  25. switch back/ switch off/ switch on/ switch over
  26. take apart/ take away/ take back/ take down/ take in/ take off/ take on/ take out/ take over/ take up
  27. talk back/ talk down/ talk out/ talk up
  28. think ahead/ think back/ think over/ think up
  29. throw away/ throw around/ throw down/ throw off/ throw up
  30. tie around/ tie back/ tie down/ tie in/ tie to/ tie up
  31. turn around/ turn away/ turn back/ turn down/ turn in/ turn into/ turn off/ turn on/ turn out/ turn over/ turn to/ turn up
  32. walk about/ walk ahead/ walk away/ walk back/ walk in/ walk into/ walk off/ walk on/ walk out/ walk over
  33. wear away/ wear in/ wear off/ wear out
  34. work around/ work on/ work out/ work off/ work under/ work up
  35. write back/ write down/ write for/ write off/ write out/ write up

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