Describing music

Listen to the music that your teacher plays for you and write at least two sentences about your reaction to each tune:

Tune/ song 1

Tune/ song 2

Tune/ song 3

Tune/ song 4

Tune/ song 5

Read just one of your sentences to your partner(s). Can they guess which tune you were writing about? Answer any questions they have about why you felt that way, and discuss whether they agree or disagree.

With your partner(s), make a list of singers and songs/ tunes that you both/ all know. Without writing anything down, describe your feelings about one of the songs or singers as you did above and see if your partner can guess which one you are talking about and whether they agree with you or not.

Suggestions for how your sentences could start:

It reminds me of a song by/ the day when/ when I was/ music from/ music by …

It is (very) similar to … (but a bit more/ less…)

I adore it/ love it/ really like it/ like it/ think it is okay/ don’t mind it/ don’t really like it/ really don’t like it/ hate it/ despise it/ don’t really know what I think about it because…

Its tempo is excessively (= too) / extremely/ very/ quite/ a bit…

It’s too…/ It’s not … enough (for me/ for my taste)

It makes me feel relaxed/ excited/ nostalgic/

I’d want to/ wouldn’t want to listen to it if I was feeling…/ if I was in …

It’s suitable for a club/ for a bar/ for a restaurant/ for a romantic meal/ to have on the background when I am studying/ trying to relax

The singer’s voice is (excessively/ extremely/ very/ quite/ a bit) deep/ high/ rough/ passionate/…

The best/ worst part is the singer’s voice/ guitar solo/ beat/ bass line/ background vocals/ … because…

It’s (almost) the most/ least … song I have ever listened to

I first/ last heard this song/ a song by this singer/ a song like this …

The song is/ seems to be about …

Listening to this song makes me picture…


PDF version for easy printing: Describing music

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