IELTS Speaking Comparing and contrasting questions

Ask and answer questions from the list below.

How is where you live/ your hometown different from how it was 20 years ago?

How does where you live compare to the area around here?

Do you prefer to cook or eat out? (Why do you feel that way?)

Have you been to many countries? (Which one did you like best? How was it better than the other places?)

How do you think people’s diet will be different in 20 years’ time?

How is the food in your country different to other places you have been or know about?

How do you picture your life in 2025? (How will it be different from your life now?)

What is/ was your favourite subject? (Why do/ did you like it better than the others?)

Where did you last go on holiday? (How does it compare to other places you have been?)

Do you feel your English is improving? (In which ways?)

In your opinion, is people’s health in your country getting better or worse? (What evidence do you have for that point of view?)

Do you have any ambitions? (How do you think achieving that would change life?)

Make similar questions for each other, perhaps using the underlined parts above.


PDF for easy saving and printing:  IELTS Speaking Comparing and contrasting questions

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