Functional language reported speech storytelling game

Take turns choosing one of the cards below from here or from the cut up pack your teacher gives you to continue a discussion between Saskia (a woman) and Bradley (a man). The question mark cards can be used for any question and the starred cards are jokers and therefore can be used for anything (actions as well as speech). You don’t have to use the question or starred cards.

Thank Apologise Reply Reply
Request Reply Invite Introduce someone
Meet someone for the first time Meet someone again Reply Reply
Give an opinion Agree Give an opinion Disagree
Say hello Reply Say goodbye Reply
Ask how someone is Reply Give advice/ suggestions Reply
Complain Reply Sympathize Reply
Get someone’s attention Reply Compliment Congratulate
Ask for permission Encourage Warn Ask for information
Criticize Offer Reply Reply
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
********** *********** ********* **********
********** *********** ********* **********
********** *********** ********* **********


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Functions reported speech storytelling

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