Extreme functions game

Compete to say one of the things below. You might need to set up the situation, e.g. decide what you are thanking people for. After you have given up making it more extreme, discuss which was the most realistic.

The most sympathetic reaction to bad news

The most enthusiastic response to some gossip

The longest thank you/ The most over-the-top thanks

The deepest apology

The best reason for your misdeed

The most helpful offer

The most persuasive invitation

The most outrageous request that you can get someone to agree to

The politest request

The most emotional farewell/ The longest farewell

The politest disagreement

The strongest agreement

The politest interruption of your partner’s story about yesterday

The greatest number of polite interruptions in one minute

The politest turning down of an invitation/ The best reason for turning down an invitation

The politest refusal to help/ The best reason for refusing to help

The most enthusiastic greeting

The best advice for the problem your partner tells you

Work together to write down three different versions of each of the things above and grade them.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Extreme functions review

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