Do you want options game

Choose two of the cards below. Ask your partner “Do you want…?” about just one of the things (not both). If they say “Yes (I do/ please)”, then say “Here you are” and give them that card. Then show them the other card. If they say “No, thank you”, then give them the other card and say “(Okay) (then) here is…” Then discuss which of the two cards was actually the better thing.

Play the same game, but this time writing your own ideas for things to offer on blank pieces of paper and choosing one to ask “Do you want…?” with.

Possible topics for “Do you want…?” questions


appearance (clothes, jewellery, accessories, make up, body parts, etc)

arts and media (books, etc)

food and drink/ kitchen

hobbies (sports equipment, etc)

household goods (furniture, decorations, etc)


people (new family members, famous friends, etc)






Cards to photocopy and cut up

a baby brother


a table tennis bat a cricket bat a big brother
a doll’s house


an old TV a big umbrella a pet owl
a silver coat


a small cup a CD player a big computer
a cow


a plastic ring an ugly doll a paper fan
a fat cat a tall friend a big fish a gold necklace


a short skirt


a grey towel a small guitar a gun
a sleepy hamster


a handsome father a straw hat a motorbike helmet
a hippo


a rocking horse a kangaroo a karaoke machine
a tiny kite


a leather jacket a big nose a big sister
a very long coat


a mouse an old camera a long sofa



a dirty paintbrush


a panda a big piano a black pig
a pink T-shirt


a PlayStation 2 a maths poster a pretty mother
a helicopter


a red carpet a toy robot a mask
a silver pen


a skateboard a tall whiteboard a smelly eraser
a snake


a snowboard a spider a tennis court
a small tent


a video camera a violin a big rabbit
a tall stool


a heavy yoyo a zoo Russian DVDs
English textbooks


an office chair an old clock an orange sweater
a long-haired dog


green eyes bunk beds drums
old books


high heeled boots purple socks red gloves
one ski


black windows white trousers yellow shoes
roller skates


ice skates orange curtains a paddling pool
a drone


an English comic a train a short giraffe
a rugby ball big eyes


blue eyes short hair
green hair big hands long legs long hair


a hot bedroom


a big bathroom a loud bird ten cousins
five sisters


a twin sister a police officer dad a doctor mother
a gold spoon


a green glass a pink plate a plastic bag


PDF version for easy saving and printing: do-you-want-options-game