Plural nouns games, worksheets and songs

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Teaching plural nouns articles

How to teach regular plurals

How to teach English plurals (with game ideas and lists of the most useful regular plurals by level)

How to teach irregular plurals(with game ideas and lists of the most useful irregular plurals by level)

Lists of plurals

list of regular plurals (+ ies etc) by level (at the end of this article)

list of irregular plurals by level (midway through this article)

list of plurals of nouns ending in -y (at the end of this worksheet)

Plurals and third person S homophones

Photocopiable plural nouns classroom activities

Irregular plurals boasting game – NEW

Irregular plurals poem activities

Good and taboo questions with irregular plurals

Fruit rhyme (s, z and iz pronunciations, from Hancock McDonald ELT)

How many with irregular plurals trivia quiz

Singular and plurals competition speaking game

Singular and plural mimes

Plurals of nouns ending in -y activities (simplest responses game, maze activities, and big list)

Regular and irregular plurals simplest responses game

Regular and irregular nouns storytelling activity

Regular and irregular nouns simple presentation

Irregular plurals reversi memory game

Regular and irregular plurals storytelling game

Plural nouns songs

Fruit rhyme (s, z and iz pronunciations, from Hancock McDonald ELT)

Two Cats, Two Hats and One Dog (very short and easy song for just -s endings, from Rockin’ English)

More than One song (for irregular nouns – verses much too difficult, but chorus is simple and funny and could be done on its own)

The Irregular Plurals song (a mix of easy, common ones and very difficult ones and only two illustrated, but quite a nice simple chorus and you could probably make up your own verses)

Plural nouns song (for -s and -es endings, video has someone saying the instructions for actions for the song for some strange reason, but you could skip that part and do the second half where it just has the song, to the tune of Old MacDonald)

The Plural Noun song (similar with the same Old MacDonald tune, but with example words the second time that it is sung – words not too clear on the video, so you’d have to write the lyrics and get your class singing it)

a very short y changes to ies song

Plural song (rather random collection and very fast, but catchy tune – if you wrote the lyrics down without the plurals you could get students to shout out the plurals in time with the song)

Plural nouns online games

Plural nouns Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (mainly irregular nouns, so fairly tricky, with okay graphics and gameplay, on ESL Classroom Games)

Singular or plural drag and drop matching game (fun game with good graphics but overly simple, on

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