Third conditional sentence completion guessing game

Part One

Complete at least half of the sentences below and then read out JUST THE PART YOU HAVE WRITTEN (not the part that was originally on the worksheet) of one and see if your partner can work out which sentence it comes from.

1. If I’d got up just a few minutes ago, ____________________
2. If I’d been born with a different gender, _____________________
3. If I’d been born with a different nationality, _____________________
4. If I I’d been born an animal, _______________________
5. If I’d been born with two heads, __________________________
6. If I’d married someone famous, ________________________
7. If I’d been a child prodigy, __________________
8. If I’d dreamt about the people in this class last night, ______________________
9. If I had known at 16 what I know now, _____________________________
10. If there had been a blizzard this morning, ________________________
11. If I could’ve taken memory-enhancing drugs when I was at school, ___________
12. If I hadn’t come to this English class, ______________
13. If I had gone to an IT class instead, ______________
14. If I hadn’t been born, ______________
15. If I had studied more last year, ______________
16. If I had studied less last year, ______________
17. If I had gone to England last summer, ______________
18. If I had read the last book I read in English rather than Korean, ______________
19. If I had been born 100 years ago, ______________
20. If I hadn’t got up at all this morning, ______________
21. If I had been born very poor, ______________
22. If I hadn’t/ had had brothers and sisters, ______________
23. If I had never met my best friend, ______________
24. If my team had/ hadn’t won the cup last year, ______________
25. If my family had moved abroad when I was a kid, ______________

Part Two

Do the same with the first parts of the similar sentences below

___________________________, I would’ve been much happier

___________________________, I would be much wealthier today

____________________________, I would’ve got much better marks at school

____________________________, I would’ve hit him or her

Part Three

Do the same, but reading out half of a whole sentence you have written and seeing if your partner can guess what you have written for the other half. Give them clues if they get stuck.





PDF for easy saving and printing:

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2 Responses to Third conditional sentence completion guessing game

  1. Elena says:

    Great activity! Nice ideas for discussion!

  2. Maite Zingoni says:

    thank you!!!

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