Ask for letters to make words spelling requests game

Everybody Up 4 Unit 6

PDF version for easy printing: spelling requests game

Instructions for teachers

Cut up the blank cards below so that there are 30 or so cards per group of two to four students. Give students a category of words that they should try to construct from the letters that you will give them, e.g. “Things in this classroom”, “Food”, “Toys”, “Things I have”, “Things I like”, “Numbers”, “Colours”, “Big things”, “Small things”, “Body parts” or “Things in the sea”. The whole class can be given the same category, groups can be given different categories, or they can choose their own.

Groups take turns asking for letters of the alphabet to spell words in that category, which you should write on the blank pieces of paper and give them. If they spell a word correctly at any time, give them another letter (but this time the teacher chooses which one). The team with most pieces of paper when the teacher stops the game is the winner.  


























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