Grammar games/ worksheets

Updated 3 March 2017

Index pages with games and other photocopiable classroom activities for specific grammar points:


Present tenses

Present Simple

Third person S

Present Continuous

Present Simple and Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Present Perfect and Simple Past

Past tenses

Past Simple page

Past Continuous page

Past Perfect page

Used to page

Future tenses

Present Continuous for arrangements

Going to


Future continuous


Zero conditional

First conditional

Second conditional

Third conditional

Mixed conditionals

Unreal past


Have something done

Tense review/ auxiliary verbs


Continuous aspect

Perfect aspect

Other grammar points

Auxiliary verbs page

-ed and -ing adjectives page

Question formation

Subject questions

This/ that/ these/ those

Have/ Have got


Infinitive of purpose

There is/ are/ was/ were

Linking expressions


Prepositions of position

Prepositions of time

Prepositions of movement

Dependent prepositions


Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission

Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction

Can/ Can’t

Want/ Want to

Countable and uncountable

Reported speech


Adverbs of frequency


Articles – NEW

Relative clauses

Comparatives and superlatives

Verb patterns

Related pages

Teaching grammar articles/ tips/ games ideas

Business grammar worksheets page

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