Friends Series One New Year Episode (The One with the Monkey)


Look at the picture of the 6 friends on the DVD box or title page and decide which one your teacher or classmates are describing.

Previous episodes

Using that information about the characters and the logic and grammar of the sentences, match the four sentence halves below

1. Rachel’s Italian boyfriend Paolo

2. Ross has found out that his ex-wife Carol,

3. Chandler has finally broken up with his clingy girlfriend

4. Phoebe’s mother committed suicide during Xmas when she was a child,

a) so she has some “issues” with this season.

b) now together with her lesbian lover, is going to have his baby.

c) has flown back to Rome and isn’t expected back until the New Year

d) that everyone hates, Janice.

This episode

Because of this, they all promise not to invite any boyfriends and girlfriends to their Xmas party. However… (match the sentences up to make an overview of the events in this episode that messes up their plan, referring to the previous episodes information above if you need to)

1.    Joey, the out of work actor and playboy,

2.    Phoebe, the new age masseur and musician,

3.    Chandler, the dating no hoper,

4.    Rachel

5.    Ross

6.    Monica invites her ex-boyfriend

a)    brings his monkey (Marcel), who he has decided to look after because his house feels empty and lonely

b)    gets together with a scientist who she yells at for speaking loudly to his lab partner while she is playing

c)    misses out on a job as Santa to a fat guy and has to work as a helper elf, but meets a hot mum while wearing his costume

d)    hears that her boyfriend has got an earlier flight and goes to meet him at the airport

e)    “Fun Bobby”

f)     gets so desperate that he phones the only person he knows won’t say no

Using the plot summaries and descriptions of the characters above (including minor characters), try to guess what or who is being referred to in each of the underlined parts below (difficult words you might want to look up or ask your teacher about are in italics)

– He’s not even jolly. It’s all political.

– The desperate scramble to find anything with lips just so you can have somebody to kiss when the ball drops

– While Daryl Hannah is beautiful in a conventional way, you are luminous with a kind of delicate grace.

– Then that’s when you started yelling.

– He’s very methodical.

– She’s gonna break the pact.

– I snapped, okay! I couldn’t handle the pressure and I snapped.

– I must mock Joey!

– He’s playing with my spatulas again.

– I said some things that I didn’t mean and he threw some faeces.

– That’s definitely a valid question, and the answer would be “yes”

– You are a sweeper trapped inside a physicist’s body

– That’s so weird, I had such a blast with him the other night.

– With the balled up socks. I figured you taught him that.

– If you see him, tell him to pack his bags- we are going to Minsk.

– I’m thinking your new girlfriend wouldn’t urinate on my coffee table.

– What do you say you and I do a little mingling?

– The jerk missed his flight.

– I was at the airport getting into a cab…and I hit my head on the curb and cut my lip on my whistle. (What kind of whistle?/ Why does she have a whistle?)

– It was probably the first time I ever mentally undressed an elf.

– I’m not saying he has to spend the whole evening with me, but at least check in.

– I’m gonna blow this one up, and I’m gonna write “reunited” in glitter.

– It’s tearing me apart, but I have no choice.

– And then the peacock bit me, ha ha. Please kiss me at midnight!

– She’s in Monica’s bedroom, making out with Max, that scientist guy.

– And the moment of joy is upon us.

– I’m still in there, you know- changing his diapers, picking his fleas


PDF for easy saving and printing: Friends Series One New Year episode

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