FCE Speaking Part Four on food

FCE Result Unit 8

Student A

Educating people to eat healthier

1. Are people in your country generally knowledgeable about healthy and unhealthy foods, do you think?

2. Do you believe that people in your country learn enough about healthy eating at school?

3. What do you think about obligatory cookery lessons in secondary schools?

4. What can be done to make young people eat healthier food, do you think?

5. What change in people’s diets is the most worrying, in your opinion?

Student B

Traditional food

6. How have people’s attitudes to foreign food changed over the last 50 years in your country?

7. Is traditional food becoming less popular in your country? Does that worry you?

8. How important is retaining a country’s traditional food culture, in your opinion?

9. Do you think there is a danger that your country’s traditional cuisine could disappear?

10. Some people protest against having American fast food restaurants in historic areas. How do you feel about that?

Student C

Improving people’s diets

11. Do you think that restrictions on the sale of very unhealthy foods are a good idea?

12. Do you think your government is doing enough to improve people’s diets?

13. What information should restaurants be forced to make public to help people choose where and what to eat?

14. Why do convenience stores not sell healthier food?

15. Are modern “health foods” really good for us, do you think?

16. What do you think about dieting?

17. Do you believe there are any “miracle foods” which are much better for our health than others?

Student D

Modern food

18. Do you think the food available in this city has got better or worse in the last ten years?

19. Do you think that people’s attitude to chemicals in food is changing?

20. How do you feel about GM foods?

21. Do celebrity chefs have a generally good or bad influence in your country?

22. What are your predictions for people’s diets in the next twenty years?

23. Are supermarkets a mainly positive or negative change in people’s lives?

24. How would you feel about the government making it possible to have more street food in this city?

25. What things other than taste could affect how much someone enjoys a meal? How could a restaurant use that information?

Discuss the last question as a class then read the text in the book for those two things.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Part Four about food

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