Business trends and predictions

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 13

Choose one of the topics below and make a prediction about it using trends language like “soar”, “creep up” and “flatten out” without saying its name, e.g. “It will slowly rise in the next few years and then accelerate”. Can your partner guess the topic? Do they agree with your predictions?

  • air travel (= the number of people travelling by plane)
  • companies organising team-building weekends
  • competition between companies
  • electricity bills for companies
  • global demand for oil
  • gyms in offices
  • holding video conferences (instead of face to face meetings)
  • imports of cars
  • investment in renewable energy
  • jobs with flexitime
  • noise produced by cars
  • oil prices
  • owning cars
  • pollution produced by cars
  • population of this country
  • prices of consumer goods
  • prices of plastic goods
  • productivity of workers in this country
  • relations between management and workers
  • restructuring of companies (downsizing, M&A, etc)
  • safety of cars
  • staff turnover (= employees quickly leaving the company)
  • taking career breaks
  • the age of retirement
  • the age of workers
  • the cost of mobile phones
  • the economy of this country
  • the image of Japanese companies in China
  • the length of time people spend with one company
  • the number of company cafeterias
  • the number of managers in companies
  • the number of part-time jobs
  • the size of offices
  • the world economy
  • use of renewable energy
  • women working
  • working conditions for workers
  • working from home (= teleworking)
  • world population
  • world supply of oil


PDF for easy saving and printing: Business trends and predictions

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