Business advice and recommendations games/ worksheets

PDFs on business advice/ suggestions/ recommendations. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 14 September 2019


Over 40 pages on invitations and recommendations plus over 260 pages on other social English topics here:– NEW

Other relevant pages

General English advice, suggestions and recommendations page

Business functional language main page – NEW LINK

Photocopiable business English advice/ recommendations classroom activities

Photocopiable classroom materials using advice/ recommendations to practise other language

Language of trends and advice practice

HR vocabulary problems and solutions

Preparing presentations tips discussion (with lots of useful advice language)

Give advice on emailing and other business communication (with useful phrases for advice)

Presentations cultural differences (language of advice)

Advice on business emailing (plus roleplay meeting to decide on company email policy)

Business Xmas card do’s and don’ts (imperatives for advice)

Business English advice guessing game (including collocations with make and do)

Advice on business communications

Bad business meetings advice

Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

HR vocabulary advice practice

Give advice using the presentations vocabulary

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