Telephone Email or Face to Face boardgame

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Units 9-13

In groups of two to four students, place your counters (coins, erasers etc) on the first square. Choose if you want to deal with that situation by phone, by email or face to face. If it is by email, tell your partner(s) what you will write, and if you choose telephone or face to face roleplay the conversation with your partner(s). They will then decide how many points you get:

3 points- very successful email or conversation

2 points- quite successful email or conversation

1 point- not very successful email or conversation

0 points- didn’t manage to do what you wanted to do

You can then move forward that many squares, and play passes to the next person clockwise.

1. Tell your Mum that you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend 2. Break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend 3. Quit your job
6. Tell your friend that they failed their exam but you passed 5. Congratulate someone after you hear that they are going to get married 4. Ask Steven Spielberg for an autograph
7. Tell your flatmate to stop leaving their things on the living room floor 8. Ask your grandmother to come and live with you to look after your new baby 9. Tell your colleague to stop putting out cigarettes on the ground outside the front door of the building
12. Try to make up with someone you have fallen out with 11. Ask a company how you should fill in their job application form 10. Ask a classmate out
13. Complain to the local government about a Macdonald’s opening in a historic street near where you live 14. Tell your school that they should take away the vending machines that sell chocolate and fizzy drinks 15. Tell your brother that you think his idea to go hiking in Alaska on his own is dangerous
FINISH! 17. Book a hotel room 16. Complain to your teacher that the lessons are boring


PDF for easy saving and printing: Telephone Email Face to Face

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