Academic Word List games/ worksheets

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Updated 19 September 2019

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AWL exercises on (select the right word from the list – seemingly randomly generated and therefore a bit easy to guess and boring, but could be useful for well-motivated students and at least the language is in context)

Academic Word List: Group 1 on (match one of three words to the definition – boring, easy to guess without really knowing, lots of unnecessary clicking – and also not true you need the AWL for IELTS as suggested – not recommended!)

3 Responses to Academic Word List games/ worksheets

  1. arash says:

    This is a perfect site to improve the academic skills for students and likewise fantastically helpful for teachers to share and save time. I can’t appreciate enough.

  2. Tim Ball says:

    Thanks for taking the time to prepare this really useful stuff!

  3. Barry Pennock Speck says:

    Great site. Thanks for lots of good ideas!

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