Mr Bean The Library Present Continuous

When you see one of the things below happening in the film, put up your hand and say that sentence. Sometimes both of the sentences happen in the film, and sometimes just one. The sentences are mixed up. You get one point for a correct sentence and lose one point for a wrong one.

He’s folding the page

He’s tearing the page

He’s feeling irritated

He’s feeling furious

He’s opening his stapler

He’s opening his pencil case

He’s burping

He’s hiccupping

He’s blowing

He’s swallowing

He’s taking his bag out

He’s taking things out of his bag

He’s feeling relieved

He’s feeling disappointed

He’s putting on a white glove

He’s putting off some white gloves

He’s drawing on the tracing paper

He’s drawing on the book

He’s putting Tippex in the book

He’s putting Tippex on the book

He’s feeling confused

He’s feeling shocked

He’s sharpening a pencil

He’s taking the cap off a pen

He’s holding his breath

He’s slapping his cheeks

He’s showing his clock

He’s showing his watch

He’s pushing his chair

He’s pulling his chair


PDF version for easy saving and printing: MrBeanTheLibraryPresentCont

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