Advanced Past Continuous accusations game

Landmark Advanced

Accuse your partner of doing one of the things below while you could see them (but they couldn’t see you)

making an “angry gesture” (= a rude gesture, e.g. middle finger or V sign)

cutting down a clump of trees in a park

rubbing at a dark patch on your boss’s jacket

driving with your head through the sunroof

parking at a taxi rank/ on a slip road

walking round a deserted supermarket car park

swerving around on an empty road

overtaking a police car at 100 mph

speeding off from a crash you caused

flashing every car that passed you

chasing a rabbit around a park

wearing a Puffa jacket/ a woolly jumper on the beach in August

scowling at someone on the bus in an intimidating manner

using a camping stove in a train carriage

grabbing an old lady’s handbag

knocking someone off their bike

glaring at someone on another table in the pub

installing a surveillance camera in the women’s WC

blindfolding your husband/ wife

being reprimanded by your boss

wearing your boss’s specs

hiding the zapper under a sofa cushion

giving a ciggie to a 12 year old child

ripping up a pickie

sitting just 30 cms from the telly

picking a sarnie off the floor and brushing it off

putting a weird doodah/ thingummyjig into your mouth/ ear

buying drinks for a sozzled teenager

answering the call of nature by the side of a road

whistling a joyful ditty during a business meeting

stamping out a cigarette on the lift floor

sharing out a whole bag of 100 dollar bills

winking at your teacher

sniffing someone else’s armpit

peeking through a keyhole

looking at a block of flats through binoculars/ a telescope

putting something prickly/ sharp on your boss’s chair

stroking a colleague’s hair

throwing up outside the school

looking at some “adult entertainment”

talking to a streetwalker

Useful language

That doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to me

Why (on earth) were you doing that (in that place/ at that time/ in that way)?

I was passing by and…/ from the other side of the road/ from a bus


PDF for easy saving and printing: Landmark Advanced Past Continuous accusations

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