Compare and contrast the places

FCE Result Unit 2

Comparing and contrasting/ Describing places/ Difficult place names/ FCE Speaking Part Two

Choose two places from the list below at random and think of at least one similarity and one difference. You can’t repeat things that people in your group have already said. As in FCE Speaking Part Two, the accuracy of your comparisons isn’t as important as the language that you use, but your partner should comment on what you say anyway. 



Australia Austria Belgium


Burma Croatia Czech Republic


Egypt France Georgia
Germany Greece


Iceland Italy


Antarctica/ The South Pole The Arctic/ The North Pole Cyprus
Ethiopia Holland/ The Netherlands Jordan Malta


North Korea Northern Ireland Portugal


South Africa South Korea Sweden


Thailand The Bahamas The Maldives
The Philippines


The Seychelles The UK Trinidad and Tobago
Turkey Ukraine Vietnam Wales


Cologne Munich Bruges




Geneva Venice Rome


Athens Naples Turin


Moscow Beijing The Hague


Seville Kiev Warsaw


Vienna London Leicester

Brainstorm language for speculating that you have used in the task above to talk about places which you don’t know much about.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Compare and contrast the places FCE Result Unit 2

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