Teaching reading articles

Updated 8 May 2017

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Using stories with young learners

Exam reading articles

What your students need to know for IELTS Reading – LINK UPDATED

Classroom activities for IELTS Reading – LINK FIXED

IELTS Reading matching headings task Tips for teachers

IELTS Reading locating information task tips for teachers

IELTS Academic Reading Tips for Students- Matching headings to paragraphs task

FCE Reading Part Two gapped text teaching tips

Using graded readers articles

15 ways to turn students onto graded readers – LINK UPDATED

Graded readers in the classroom

Graded reader blind date (lesson plan)

Other articles about EFL reading

Testing and teaching detailed comprehension

Teaching phonics with simple picture flashcards – LINK UPDATED

Advantages and disadvantages of authentic texts in class

Physically active reading activities – LINK UPDATED

15 ways to simplify reading texts – LINK UPDATED

Combining listening and reading – LINK UPDATED

Why does our teacher make us read difficult authentic texts?

Why does my teacher make me read silently?

List of classroom language for reading classes

Classroom language when using texts

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