Adjective plus preposition sentence completion guessing game 2

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 6

Complete at least half of the sentences below and then read out only the part you have written. Your partner will use grammatical and logical clues to try to work out which sentence your bit comes from.

I used to be interested _________________________, but I’m not anymore

I used to be frightened _________________________, but I’m not anymore

I don’t understand how anyone can be frightened _____________________

My boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ best friend is interested _____________, but I’m not

I am sometimes/ often/ usually/ always embarrassed ____________________

Many people are/ were excited _________________________, but not me

I’ve recently become interested ______________________

I am/ was disappointed ____________________________________

I should be disappointed ________________________________, but actually I’m not surprised

I think more people should be interested ___________________________

I think more/ fewer people should be worried _________________________

I’m worried ______________________________________ at the moment

I was worried _____________________________________, but in the end it was okay

If you are depressed _________________________________, you should just go shopping

I was confused ______________________________, but in the end I understood

I am still confused ____________________________, even though it has been explained to me a few/ many times


PDF for easy saving and printing: AdjectivePrepositionSentences

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