Past simple/ continuous/ perfect logic puzzles

Simple Past/Past Perfect/ Past Continuous Logic Puzzles

Teacher’s Instructions: Photocopy and cut up the sheet below so there is one logic puzzle per student. Give each student one logic puzzle with the answer included but folded so they can only read the top part. After they have read and understood the problem they can unfold the paper and read the solution. Then in groups of up to 4 students, each with a different puzzle, they read out the problem and are asked Yes/ No questions until they find the solution.

Q1: A man travelled from town A to town B. His train travelled through a tunnel. On the way back, as the train went through the tunnel, he jumped off the train and died. Why?

A1: Before he went to town B, he was blind. In town B he saw a doctor and his sight was cured. When he went through the tunnel again he thought he had gone blind again, so he decided to commit suicide and jumped off the train.

Q2: A man walked into a bar in Texas. He asked for a glass of water. The barman took out a gun and held it to the man’s head. The man thanked the barman and walked out of the bar.

A2: The man had hiccups, so he wanted to cure them by drinking a glass of water. When the barman pointed a gun at his head he was shocked and frightened and so his hiccups were cured.

Q3: Romeo and Juliet lay dead on the floor. The door was open and there was water on the floor. What happened?

A3: Romeo and Juliet were fish. Someone had knocked over their bowl and they had suffocated on the floor.

Q4: There was a small hut in the middle of the desert. It was empty except for a dead man hanging by a rope from the roof. Outside was a lorry.

A4: The lorry was an ice lorry. The man brought a block of ice into the hut and stood on it. He hung himself by jumping off the block of ice. The ice later melted into water then disappeared.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: past tense logic puzzles

Past tenses main page

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