Present Perfect and future forms sentence completion games

Time to Talk Purple S Units 12 and 13

Warmer – Past, Present Perfect and future small talk

Take turns asking and answering as many suitable small talk questions like those below as you can.

  • How was your evening/ weekend/…?
  • How has your day/ week/… been?
  • Do you have any plans for this evening/ tomorrow/ the weekend/ your next vacation/ the next public holiday/…?


Present Perfect and future forms gapfill games

Play one or more of the games below with gapped sentences from the next page. Your teacher will tell you if you should use the top section, bottom section or both.


Present Perfect and future forms gapfill bluff

Choose a sentence below and read it out with true or imaginary information in the gap. Your partner will ask you for more information, then guess if your sentence was true or not.


Present Perfect and future forms gapfill things in common

Share personal information and ask your partner questions to make sentences using the gapped sentences below which are true for both of you.

Useful phrases for playing the game

“Me too”/ “Me neither”

“Really? I…” 


Present Perfect and future forms gapfill guessing game

Make a true sentence using one of the gapped sentences. Read out just the part that you have written (not the typed parts below), and see if your partner can guess which sentence below that information comes from. If their guess is wrong, you can tell them why it isn’t possible or that it is also true but not the sentence that you made.


Future forms grammar presentation

Find future forms on the next page with these meanings:

  • Arrangements (= something fixed with someone else, e.g. a date, appointment or flight)
  • My plans
  • Desires (e.g. ambitions)
  • Predictions about future facts (usually things that I can’t choose/ can’t change)


Part One – more complex sentences combining Present Perfect and future forms

I have ___________________________________________ and I would like to again.

I have _________________________________ once and I will probably do that again.

I have _______________________________________ twice and I might do so again.

I have ______________________________________ recently and I might again soon.

I have already _____________________________________ and I don’t want to again.

I have already __________________________________ today and I will tomorrow too.

I have always dreamed about __________________________ and I hope I can someday.

I have arranged to ____________________________________ and I’m doing it soon.

I have heard a lot about _______________________________ and so I’d love to do so.

I have heard that ________________________________ is great and so I really want to.

I have never _____________________________________________ but I would like to.

I have never ever _______________________________________ but I hope to one day.

I haven’t ______________________ for a long time but I’m planning to do so again soon.

I haven’t ________________________________ yet but I will almost certainly do so soon.

I’ve seen a TV programme on ______________________________ and I’m going to try it.

I’m not going to __________________________ again this week, because I already have.

Someone has recommended that I ________________________ but probably I never will.


Part Two – simple sentences with just one tense

I don’t want to __________________________________________________________.

I have _________________________________________________________ recently.

I have ___________________________________________________________ today.

I have _______________________________________________________ a few times.

I have ____________________________________________________________ twice.

I have ____________________________________________________________ once.

I have never ___________________________________________________________.

I haven’t __________________________________________________________ yet.

I may/ might ___________________________________________________________.

I want to/ would like to ___________________________________________________.

I will almost certainly _____________________________________________________.

I will probably never ______________________________________________________.

I will probably ___________________________________________________________.

I won’t ____________________________________________________________ again.

I’m __________________________________________________________ this evening.

I’m _________________________________________________________later this week.

I’m going to ________________________________________________ after this class.

I’m not going to ______________________________________________________ again.

I’m planning to/ I plan to ____________________________________________________.

I’m thinking about/ I’m considering ____________________________________________.


PDF for easy saving and printing: present perfect and future future forms sentence completion games TTT Purple S