Stories for specific language points

Stories for practice of specific language points for use in the classroom or at home. If you like anything here and would like more, please support TEFLtastic.  

Updated 13 April 2018

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Photocopiable stories for specific language points

John Finally Came First (ordinal numbers story by me) – NEW

Johnny Slowly, Jeremy Normal and Jimmy Quickly telling the time story

Lucy wasn’t Impressed months story

1999 was a Strange Year months story (teaching months forwards and backwards)

Twelve Jobs a Year months story

If You Ask Nicely – a story teaching polite requests

I Don’t Get Bored: -ing and -ed adjectives story

All for Julie the Prettiest Girl and The Sharpest Chin in the World comparative and superlative adjectives stories

When Everything Was the Wrong Way Round- opposites story

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie first conditional story

Do you want black teeth? colour words mixing and matching activities (not really a story, but includes a book version that is similar to Do You Like Ketchup on Your Cornflakes)