Yesterday by the Beatles Past and present tense review

A: Put each verb into what you think could be the right tense
B: Listen to check
C: Ask your teacher if there are any other possibiliti

Yesterday, all my troubles ____________(seem) so far away
Now it __________(look) as though they ________( be) here to stay
Oh I _____________ (believe) in yesterday

Suddenly I ___________ (not be) half the man I _________ (be)
There ___________ (be) a shadow hanging over me
Oh yesterday ___________(come) suddenly.


Why she ___________ (have to) go, I _____________ (not know) she ___________ (not say)
I ___________ (say) something wrong now I _________ (long) for yesterday

Yesterday love ____________(be) such an easy game to play
Now I _____________(need) a place to hide away
Oh I ____________ (believe) in yesterday



PDF for easy saving and printing: Yesterday- The Beatles tenses

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