Telling the time warmer cooler guessing game

Ask a question about a time that you do something and give hints until your partner guesses exactly the right time.

Suggested questions

What time do I

does my…

arrive at school

arrive at work

arrive home

brush my hair

brush my teeth

do my homework

get home

get off the bus

get off the train

get up

go to bed

go to sleep

have a bath

have a shower

have breakfast

have dinner

have lunch

leave home

take the bus

take the train

wake up

wash my face

watch the news














at the weekend

on Sundays

on weekdays

every day


Hints about how wrong the guesses are

No, it’s much much/ far far

a lot/ much/ far

quite a lot

a little/ slightly/ a bit

a tiny bit




PDF version for easy saving and printing: time guessing warmer cooler game