Comparing and contrasting education vocabulary

Choose one of the contrasting pairs below and compare the things written there, first saying how similar or different they are in general, then saying what the similarities and differences are.

(technical/ vocational/ junior/ two year) college/ university



British bachelor’s degree/ US bachelor’s degree


Master’s/ PhD

academic year/ calendar year

certificate/ qualification

cram school classes/ secondary school classes

cram school/ private tutor

diploma/ degree

end of year exams/ finals

essay/ dissertation

essay/ paper

freshman/ fresher

freshman/ new recruit

grant/ scholarship

hearing test/ listening test

kindergarten/ nursery school

language school English lessons/ school English lessons

lecture/ lesson

lecturer/ professor

open book test/ normal test

pass/ pass with flying colours

pass/ scrape through

primary school classes/ secondary school classes

private schools/ state schools

pupil/ student

quiz/ test/ exam

single sex schools/ co-ed schools

students halls/ student house

undergraduate study/ postgraduate study

university entrance systems in two different countries


PDF version for easy saving and printing: education vocabulary comparing and contrasting

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