Language of trends and advice practice

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Units 12 and 15

Choose situations from below and give your advice on what people/ governments/ companies/ bosses/ the UN/ etc should do about it. Does your partner agree?

  • Air travel is doubling every ten years.
  • Bankruptcies have quadrupled.
  • Business confidence has dived.
  • Car ownership among young people is slipping.
  • Competition between mobile phone companies is declining.
  • Consumer confidence has dropped dramatically.
  • Deflation/ Inflation is flat.
  • Demand for English lessons has dipped.
  • Discoveries of new supplies of oil are slowing down.
  • Domestic software companies have fallen back.
  • Electricity bills have soared.
  • Global demand for oil is taking off.
  • Government debt has rocketed.
  • No one is happy about an increase in the age of retirement.
  • Pollution is worsening.
  • Recycling is increasing, but not at the same rate.
  • Sales of non-electronic toys are plummeting.
  • Spending by young people has crashed.
  • Staff turnover is escalating.
  • The age of workers is going steadily up.
  • The birth rate has flattened out at a low level.
  • The capital city keeps expanding.
  • The economy hasn’t bounced back after 2007.
  • The economy is stagnant.
  • The image of Japanese companies is deteriorating.
  • The number of computers in homes has plateaued.
  • The number of manufacturing jobs has halved in 15 years.
  • The number of marriages has collapsed.
  • The number of women in top management jobs has only crept up.
  • The number of women working has passed its peak.
  • The number of young people who want to work for the government has plunged.
  • The population of the world is accelerating.
  • The stock market has experienced some turbulence.
  • The use of renewable energy is fluctuating rather than climbing.
  • Unemployment has grown.
  • Worker stress is increasing.
  • Working conditions have not recovered since 2007.

What language can you use for giving advice? 

What phrases can you use to respond to someone who is giving you advice? What about if you don’t agree with the suggestion?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Language of trends and advice practice

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