Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave Prepositions

Write one preposition in each of the gaps below. In all cases, more than one preposition is possible, but sometimes one particular preposition is much more likely. (The sentences in speech marks are dialogue in the film and the other sentences are descriptions of what happens.)

He looks ___________ the rear view mirror.

“Have you been peckish __________ the night.”

“Someone’s been ______ my cheese!”

“There’s something very fishy going _________”

“Let’s get that kettle _________”

“Turn it _________, Gromit”

He has a small jumper ________ his head

Something comes _______ of the machine

There is some cheese ______ the biscuit, but then it disappears

“_____________ in a tick, Gromit. Won’t be long”

“___________ all the women I’ve met…”

Wallace is carried away ____________ the sheep

“You’ve really let us ______________ this time, lad”

“I’m so sorry ___________ Gromit”

“Daddy didn’t create you ____________ this”

“Everything’s __________ control”

“Get yourselves organized __________ there!”

Wallace changes to machine ___________ “close shave”

“Gromit, go _________ him!”


PDF version for easy printing: Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave Preps

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